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I offer editing services of three main types:

Substantive editing

At its broadest level, also known as developmental editing, this can include recommendations on reordering chapters, adding or removing chunks of content, and sharpening the focus of the work. It can also entail revisions of paragraph and sentence structure.

Copy editing

Copy editing focuses on the sentence level, reviewing grammar,

spelling, punctuation, and word usage. Clarity, consistency, and fit with the expected audience are guiding principles. Copy editing can also include checking continuity and basic facts.


In the publishing industry, proofreading usually means the final check for errors in a PDF document, after other editing is complete. But it can also refer to zoomed-in copy editing tasks such as revisions of grammar and punctuation.

I offer competitive rates that can be adjusted to fit your project.
Contact me to discuss which editing type your work needs — or how we can mix-and-match these approaches for the best fit.
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